Update 1:From Eega to the Future: The Journey of Vinod Senthil, Founder of  Harry Productions

Update 1:From Eega to the Future: The Journey of Vinod Senthil, Founder of Harry Productions

In the world of filmmaking, there are those who create magic, and then there are those who push the boundaries of technology to make that magic even more mesmerizing. Vinod Senthil, the founder of Harry Productions, falls into the latter category. As we dive into his journey, we'll discover how a passion for VFX (Visual Effects) and an admiration of legendary souls like SS Rajamouli, Jim Carrey, and Steve Jobs have shaped his aspirations and creative vision.

The Eega Experience

Vinod Senthil's journey in the world of visual storytelling began with a simple video link:

As he watched this video, his eyes were glued to the audience, especially the random person sitting in the front wearing a yellow t-shirt. The reactions of the random person wearing yellow t-shirt and enjoying the movie (Eega) took him back to the days when he used to watch the  film "Eega" in PVR cinemas at  Ampa Skywalk. Vinod could completely relate to the viewer's astonishment because, for him, "Eega" was more than just a movie; it was an inspiration.

A Fan of VFX and SS Rajamouli

Vinod Senthil is not just a casual viewer of VFX-Intense movies; he is a devoted fan, especially of the acclaimed director SS Rajamouli. Rajamouli's ability to weave VFX seamlessly into his storytelling has always left Vinod in awe. While many might cite "Baahubali" or "RRR" as their favorite Rajamouli films, Vinod's heart belongs to "Eega," an older masterpiece. Released in 2012, "Eega" left an profound impact on Vinod and played a pivotal role in igniting his passion for the world of visual effects.

The Influence of Iconic Films

Vinod Senthil's love for VFX didn't stop at "Eega." He draws inspiration from a variety of iconic films:

The Influence of Steve Jobs

For Vinod Senthil, Steve Jobs' journey with Pixar and the creation of "Toy Story" held profound significance. It showcased the transformative power of technology in storytelling. Jobs had not initially envisioned Pixar as an animated movie studio; it was John Lasseter's unwavering belief in the potential of computer-generated animation that drove Pixar's success.

The parallel between Steve Jobs' willingness to embrace innovation and Vinod's own passion for pushing the boundaries of visual effects and technology was unmistakable. Jobs' ability to see beyond the status quo and pioneer new forms of storytelling left an indelible mark on Vinod's creative aspirations.

Embracing the Future

As Vinod's passion for VFX and technology continued to evolve, he embarked on a journey to create something India had not witnessed before. He surrounded himself with a talented team and Inspired by industry experts like Pete Draper, known for his work on films like "Eega," "Baahubali," and many others. Vinod had the privilege of hosting Pete Draper as a speaker at his TEDxYouthChennai event in 2012 and meeting him again at the GAFX event in Bangalore in 2022.

Meeting My Real World Industry Inspiration

Vinod's deep admiration for the world of visual effects led him to look up to industry luminary Pete Draper. Pete Draper, renowned for his groundbreaking work on films such as

  • Eega,
  • Baahubali,
  • Endhiran,
  • Intergalactic Combat,
  • American Crime,
  • Magadheera,
  • Ghajini,
  • Nenokkadine,
  • 7aum Arivu,

became a source of immense inspiration for Vinod. In 2012, Vinod had the distinct privilege of inviting Pete Draper as a speaker at his TEDxYouthChennai event, where they delved into the intricacies of the VFX industry and its potential for storytelling. You can watch Pete Draper's enlightening talk here

Meeting Pete Draper After 10 years

The opportunity to meet with Pete Draper didn't end with their TEDx event. In 2022, Vinod had the chance to meet Pete again at the GAFX 2022 event in Bangalore. Accompanied by his directors duo, Praveen and Sathish, Vinod and Team engaged in a meaningful conversation with Pete. They shared insights, experiences, and their shared vision for pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

During their meeting, Vinod and his team explained how they aimed to create a version of "Eega" that would capture the essence of the original while leveraging the latest advancements in technology. Pete Draper not only appreciated their dedication but also offered his blessings and appreciation for their creative endeavors.

The Journey Continues

Vinod Senthil's journey from being an avid moviegoer to the founder of Harry productions is a testament to his passion for VFX and cinematic technology. With influences ranging from SS Rajamouli to Steve Jobs, Vinod has set his sights on creating groundbreaking cinematic experiences.

His journey has been marked by a deep appreciation for visual effects, a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, and a relentless pursuit of storytelling excellence. Vinod's vision goes beyond mere spectacle; it encompasses the power of technology to enhance and elevate storytelling to new heights.


As Vinod Senthil embarks on this remarkable journey to create groundbreaking movies that harness the power of technology, he seeks your blessings, wishes, and prayers. His passion for storytelling through VFX and motion capture technology is poised to redefine Indian cinema and take it to new heights. He envisions a future where technology and storytelling combine to create magic on the silver screen.

About Us

Harry productions is a new age cinema house which is adapting to the technology of the future still holding on the beauty of the cinema from the past. Our passion is VFX and how it can be used for storytelling while keeping the aesthetics and soul of the cinema intact. Characters in the story can explore prosthetics and bring the creativity of the actors and give them chance to make the most imaginative narratives to be a reality.