House of the Dragon: Main Title by Elastic

Creative Director: Kirk Shintani
Storyboard Artist: Frank Dellafamina
Concept Artist: Rustam Hasanov
Designers: Nadia Tzuo, Kaya Thomas
Type Design: Ben Woodlock
Type Animation: Jim Pierce
Previs: Chris Leone
Modelers: Jose Limon, Joe Paniagua, Jade Smrz
CG Lighter: Dustin Mellum, Ziyan Zhang, Scott Nishiki, Joe Chan-Nguyen, Ryan Taylor
Dynamics: Jun Kim, Mike Bettinardi, Phiphat Pinyosophon, Miguel Salek
CG Intern: Daycie De Luz
Nuke Compositors: Martin Karlsson, Ashley Jahanshahi, Brian Yu, Eric Almeras
Editor: Rachel Fowler
Additional Editor: Javier Gonzalez
Color Pipeline TD: Andrew Young
Senior Producer: Paul Makowski

About Us

Harry productions is a new age cinema house which is adapting to the technology of the future still holding on the beauty of the cinema from the past. Our passion is VFX and how it can be used for storytelling while keeping the aesthetics and soul of the cinema intact. Characters in the story can explore prosthetics and bring the creativity of the actors and give them chance to make the most imaginative narratives to be a reality.