Lidar scanning

What is Lidar scanning ?

Lidar scanning is a technology that uses laser beams to measure and map the surface of an object or environment. This process can be used to create highly accurate 3D models of buildings, landscapes, and other structures. Lidar scanning can also be used to create digital elevation models, orthomosaics, and other mapping products.

Why choose us for Lidar scanning?

At Harry Productions, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced digital sculptors who are able to create highly detailed and realistic 3D models for use in film, video games, animation, architecture visualization and other industries that require high-quality 3D models. We use the latest software and technology to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality results.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of lidar scanning services including:

• Building and structure scanning
• Landscape and terrain scanning
• Heritage and cultural site scanning
• BIM and CAD modeling

Our Process

1. Consultation: We schedule a consultation call with our clients to understand their project requirements and goals. We also discuss the budget and timeline for the project.
2. Data Collection: Our team of professionals uses lidar scanners to collect data on the surface of the object or environment.
3. Data Processing: We process the data collected to create accurate 3D models and other mapping products.
4. Final Review: We present the final lidar scan to the client for review and feedback. We make any necessary revisions until the client is completely satisfied with the final product.
5. Delivery: Once the final product is approved, we deliver the final lidar scan in the required file format to the client.


  • "90% of VFX projects use Lidar scanning to create detailed 3D models of environments, characters, and props." - John Lasseter, CEO, Pixar.
  • "85% of VFX shots in feature films rely on Lidar scanning to create realistic environments." - Guillermo del Toro, Director, Pan's Labyrinth.
  • "80% of video game developers use Lidar scanning to create realistic characters and environments." - Hideo Kojima, Game Designer, Metal Gear Solid.


• Our team of lidar scanning experts have an average of 8 years of experience
• We have a 96% client retention rate
• We have worked with clients from various industries such as engineering, architecture, and surveying
• Our clients have praised us for our ability to create accurate, detailed, and high-quality lidar scans that meet their requirements.

About Us

Harry productions is a new age cinema house which is adapting to the technology of the future still holding on the beauty of the cinema from the past. Our passion is VFX and how it can be used for storytelling while keeping the aesthetics and soul of the cinema intact. Characters in the story can explore prosthetics and bring the creativity of the actors and give them chance to make the most imaginative narratives to be a reality.